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The Kitchen

The heart of the home is the Kitchen

Where recipes passed

Down from generations

Satiate our hunger

In the kitchen

We experiment

Reinvent dishes

Exchange ideas

For simple meals

Or for elaborate soirees

In the kitchen

We get the first taste of the meal

Before serving them to our guests

It's the most chaotic place of the house

Where we toil to wash dishes

It is the loudest part of the house

Where we hear all sorts of sounds

From stirring pots and pans

To kettle whistling

To signal water is boiling

It is where we smell the various flavors

That send signals to our brain

That it is time to eat

In my youth I designed a kitchen. It was simple classic ergonomic design but it was still not my ideal kitchen. I am still looking for great designs. I enjoy it when I see people transform their old kitchen into their dream kitchen. What is your dream kitchen?


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