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   WHO AM I   

Armed with pencils and paper

 I write just about anything

From art to literature

Music, food and wine

Family matters, even money matters

I'm a wife and a mom from Brooklyn

I don't know everything

So I started this blog

not just to share but to learn

A New Yorker born in The Philippines

with affinity for American music

I love quotations & things handmade

Food from various cultures & far away places

If it's a path,

Be it a forrest trail or an open road

I would like to cross it

just to see what is on the other side of a mountain

Mondays through Fridays,

I work with differently- abled children

Weekends and Summer,

I fulfill my soul's other calling

I don't shy away from any topic

From politics, spirituality,

Events in our Society

Or your grandmother's stories

Welcome to CherryRhymes!

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