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The Joy of collecting

Art lovers collect art be it on a canvass,

Paper, wood, steel or glass

Music lovers collect vinyl records,

Musical instruments and musician’s memorabilia

Those who love the written word

Collect books and letters of their favorite authors

Watch enthusiasts collect timepieces in silver, leather or gold

Worn on wrists, hidden in pockets

Displayed on a mantle or a wall

Some collect antique maps or lamps

Some collect vehicles big and small

Some collect coins, postcards

And postage stamps

Old and new

While Travelers love to bring back  

Refrigerator magnets or ornaments

To remind them of their escapades

Children love to collect too

Toys, pencils, stickers and dolls

Even sticks , leaves and stones

They found on the ground

There is so much joy in collecting

It is not to be confused with hoarding

In Collecting, there is Joy of sharing


What do you collect

What do you Love?


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