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The green emeralds and red rubies

The blue , pink and yellow sapphires

The opals with rainbow colors

The black, white and champagne- colored pearls

Formed by living oysters

Beneath our oceans

The Clear diamonds,

The hardest rocks to break

The light aquamarines and turquoises

The one of a kind purple Amethyst

We string them in Gold and Silver

The shiny beautiful gems in various

Colors, shapes and sizes

Hardened with time

Molded and sculpted by

Skilled women with loving hands

Our mothers, grandmothers,

sisters, teachers and friends

These are the women who with their

enduring love for these

treasures cherish them

so they shine the brightest.

Thank you to the mothers

who shaped and molded their

rough rocks and turned them

into precious gems.

We the children are our mother's

greatest treasures.

This Poem is for My mother

and to all the Moms

who love their Gems.


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