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Poster art

3 Poster art. Designed by civil servants speech writer AP Waterfield

and graphic designer Earnest Wall- Cousins.

3 were made, only 2 were used.

The world war 2 slogan's

“Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution will bring us victory”

“Freedom is in peril. Defend it with all your might.”

There was a 3rd poster.

" Stuart Manley and his wife Mary, purchased a box of books at auction to add to their second-hand bookshop, Barter Books, located in Alnwick (in Northumberland – also home to Alnwick Castle, aka Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry). At the bottom of this box, Mr. Manley discovered the poster, liked the look of it and its message, and had it framed."

Since found, the 3rd poster art can be found everywhere

in coffee mugs, throw pillows, book marks, sweaters

baseball caps, key chains, bags, chef's apron, puzzles, water bottles

phone case, playing cards, refrigerator magnets, watches, pens.

5 words, 18 letters

simple Poster art from the past

made by 2 people

is not so subtle reminder

that peace, freedom, justice and good will are not separate ideals

we all aim and work hard for

that even in times of challenges and adversity

amidst obstacles big or small

We can


Barter Books

Barter books is a second hand book shop run by husband and wife team located at Alnwick's magnificent old Victorian railway station.



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