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Peace and Joy to All

We spend time preparing for the holidays

Wrapping presents, decorating trees

We take out the special ornaments

Collected over the years

ornaments gifted by friends

Some handmade, some bought

some upcycled

We decorate with lights

To add sparkle to dark winter nights

We spend time cooking dishes

Recipes of special sweet treats

Our ancestors passed down

For next generation to taste

We spend time playing music

Singing along to holiday tunes

or watching holiday

movies or shows

We explore our local town

or go on an adventure and

travel to distant lands

We take turns spending time in our

friends and family's homes

exchanging gifts, tasting each other's dishes

We take our time

dreaming and hoping for

Peace and Joy to Everyone

Not just this Holiday Season

but for years to come

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays to Everyone!


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