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While in a bus I overheard a Park Slope mother

Criticizing about another mother

Comparing her life to another

Some mothers have careers

But some society make them feel guilty

For taking on a career

There are mothers

Lawyers, bankers and teachers

Highly criticized for giving up their jobs

Because they choose to raise a child

While some juggle between daycares,

Babysitters and career.

Mothers like their offspring

Come in all shapes and sizes

No two are alike

So why constantly question

A woman's choices?

A woman's greatest critique is another woman

Women constantly judge each other

From shoes to bra size

From cars, houses to hairstyles

Let's not even get started with the

Topic when it comes to parenting styles

Some women seek validation

Based on approval of other women

The only opinion we should care about

Is our offspring's opinion

When they are all grown up

They are the only ones who can say

If we measure up

There are a plenty of books about motherhood

But none better than that which is not written

Or even spoken but only shown

By my own mother and mother in law

To their offsprings who are now grown

And have children of their own

Thank you MOM!


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