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Art in Focus: Las Meninas

During my first visit to Spain back in 2011

Prado was the first museum I visited

I was fortunate to see the Las Meninas,

a 1656 painting by Velazquez,

Picasso, Salvado Dali and many more

made their own interpretations

Picasso did not make 1, 2 or a dozen,

he made 58 variations since 1957

Las Meninas

was controversial

It did not fit any genre

like many others

I too was captivated

and grateful to have seen it

We drove across the country from north to south

east to west, visited museums ,

parks and various places of interests

The memories of these encounters

influenced many future journeys

Picasso's Las Meninas 1957 Photo Credit:

Salvador DAli's Las Meninas ( stereoscopic work) Photo credit:

The Artist:

"Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez,

was a Spanish painter, the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV of Spain and Portugal, and of the Spanish Golden Age. He was an individualistic artist of the Baroque period (c. 1600–1750). He began to paint in a precise tenebrist style, later developing a freer manner characterized by bold brushwork. In addition to numerous renditions of scenes of historical and cultural significance, he painted scores of portraits of the Spanish royal family and commoners, culminating in his masterpiece Las Meninas (1656).

Velázquez's paintings became a model for 19th-century realist and impressionist painters. In the 20th century, artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Francis Bacon paid tribute to Velázquez by re-interpreting some of his most iconic images."

Source: Wikipedia

... always Thankful for the art and many expriences I encountered and will continue to encounter


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