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Amazing Tiny Homes

a tiny house in Azores, Protugal

“Despite many pressures from the society we live in, people in the tiny house movement are turning these alternatives and living the life many of us dream of. It’s a life that we chose, not one that we are forced into, which is empowering.”

- Ryan Mitchlell (author and founder of Apartment Therapy)

“The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. For a house to be considered tiny, it must be 37m2 or 400 square feet or under. The small house movement is a return to living in homes under 1000 square feet.

People who choose to live in tiny homes do it for a combination of freedom, mobility, and economic reasons but the most common reason is sustainability and lifestyle choice. Living small is eco friendly. Most of these homes come with wheels which allow them to park it next to a lake, a vineyard, beach or national park. Some who live in small dwellings in the city enjoy the vibrant culture that cities offer. The community is an extension of the home. The public parks, coffee shops and grocer are just steps from the front door. It is a lifestyle that is in harmony with the surroundings making you and your family an active participant of the community. When you take out the unnecessary stuff, what remains is what truly matters. This is the premise of small space living.

Getaway CAtskills NY

Getaway's tiny house in Catskills, NY

It's a common misconception that people who live in smaller dwellings are simply economically strapped. This video of empty nesters show how creative people live. It proves how intelligent design and thinking differently can provide you with a good life. Here is a video of an empty nester who moved from a 5,000 square feet to this tiny house.

It does not matter what type or style of dwelling you live in, whether your house is perched on a hill in Timbuktu, a small apartment in San Francisco, a large oasis overlooking the Indian ocean or an old Victorian with white picket fences in the suburbs. We can all learn a lot from these ingenious people. My home is my happy and favorite place because of the people in it. It is my place to detoxify whenever I have to deal with toxic encounters outside. So let's make our homes beautiful and sustainable the best way we can.

If you want to try what it is like to live in a tiny house

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Tiny House Resort

If you need inspiration on how to design your home well:

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If you need your furniture to transform like your transformer toy as a kid

Resource Furniture- space saving furniture

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