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Everyday we make choices

to ride in our cars , bikes, buses, planes or trains

to get to our destination

whether to work

or when on vacation

everyday we make choices

what to eat

what to wear

what to read

what to listen to

what to pay attention to

Everyday we make choices

To open our hearts to hate or to love

To build or to destroy

To create and make art

or spread misinformation

To feed or to starve

To live in peace and harmony

or to live in chaos and war

To live in abundance or scarcity

To defend and protect our beautiful

one of a kind world as we know it

or to end it

Everyday I choose

to listen to the sounds of leaves crush under my feet

to see the beautiful varied colors of the trees

to feel the cool wind that Autumn air brings

I choose to live.

What is your choice?


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