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The egg we store in our fridge

Has served many purpose

We use it in our kitchen

For cooking and baking

Some prefer them sunny side up or hard boiled

While others want them fried

We like to add them to our sweet cakes and pastries

It adds life to our savory dishes

While vegans and those with allergies

Avoid it like the plague

The egg' s purpose does not end in the kitchen

We see it depicted in art

Be It Egyptian or Greco-Roman

Surrealists like Dali and Magritte

Used eggs to depict various meanings

from hope and purity

to life and fertility

When we look at an egg

What do we see?

A chicken or an art?

Universe's creation

or Christ's resurrection?

A symbol of sacrifice

Or a symbol of luck

Eggs in various sizes

From a variety of birds

Are gifts from nature

We all should care for


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