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Thankful not just on Thanksgiving

Thankful for the food on my table

I made with my hands

Not just to nourish our bodies

Or give us strength and energy

But to savor the autumn flavors

The season brings

Our home is filled

With autumn scents of

Cinnamon, pecans

Cranberries and herbs

The turkey is carved

The food is warm

As my husband, daughter and I

Gather around the table

With fresh autumn flowers

To say our thanksgiving prayer

It dawned on me

That our family always knew

that it's never the things

That mattered most.

I am grateful for my family

A husband whom I always have

Mutual love and respect

A daughter to care for and nurture

who gives me joy and energy

Parents who taught me

Nieces, nephews to play with

sister and in- laws

Near and far

Genuine friends

Who will never mistake

My life or character

For someone else's

I am thankful for

my home that shelters us

From the storm

A job that is meaningful

And hobbies that give pleasure

These are all gifts

From my Creator

Thankful for everyone I met along the way

Even if they're credulous or cunning

For the challenges they bring

Made me count my blessings

From our family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving.


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