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Share the Faith

Cars honking, people cheering

Making loud noises to express great jubilation

With the results of the Presidential election

The loud noise was music to my ears

It shows Democracy is alive and kicking

Our voices are heard and

Our votes counted

It shows when we unite,

We can bring about change

During time of turmoil and pandemic

The past 4 years has been tough

Especially for climate, science,

Women and immigrants

When we hear the leader of the free world

Ignite division among the people

Like America only belonged to one color

They did not call this land of the free

And home of the brave

If no one is willing to take on the fight

To defend the rights

Of everyone living in this land

Last night on TV, we saw an old man from Delaware

At a ripe age of seventy eight

When most men's desire is only to retire

He accepted the challenge

When he started in his career, he was one of the youngest

At 78, he will be the oldest ever American president

It just shows age does not dictate the life we are meant to live

It's never too early or too late to live a life of purpose and service

His first lady is a woman with a career of her own

An English professor , an educator

He chose a capable woman of color,

Daughter of immigrants

to hold the second highest position in the land

Breaking glass ceiling,

Inspiring young girls

That they can be anything

This is only the beginning

Fighting the good fight is never easy

They will be put under a microscope

vilified, maligned and criticized

But keep going, keep the faith

and spread it like wildfire

Ignited by a little spark of light

We all have within us


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