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Lilacs bloom and

Reach their peak

In may to June

They come in purple

And sometimes in

Magenta, white

Pink and blue

They fill the air with sweet

Heavenly scent

They come from the same

Family as the olive tree

Their history is rooted

In greek mythology

Celtics thinks its magical

As a symbol of old love,

Victorian widows wore it

As a sign of remembrance

American folklore

Believe they drive away evil

Russian folklore believe

in hanging lilacs

above a baby’s bed

will bring their child wisdom

They come in 1000 varieties

Each color has a meaning

From purity and innocence

To love and spirituality

Walt Whitman wrote

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd

to honor the death of Abraham Lincoln

Lilac was my grandmother's

favorite scent in her perfume

When we smell lilacs in the air,

We know that winter does not last forever

We know that the Hope of Spring is here

Happy Mother's Day!


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