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Espoo Museum of modern art finland

photo credit: J-P Kärnä/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Up on a mountain overlooking a river

Perched on the sky

On a high rise

In the suburbs

With white picket fences

A brownstone with a stoop

A cabin in the woods

Or a cottage by the sea

On wheels or on top of a tree

An igloo , a cave or a spaceship

Whatever dwelling you choose to live in

Make it a happy, interesting and

Sustainable place to be in

Amazing, interesting and sustainable dwellings on Earth:

Sacred Geome Treehouse ( Montezuma Costa Rica)

Photo credit:

"Situated around 15 feet up in the canopy of an organic farm in Costa Rica, the Sacred Geome Treehouse is composed of four open-air structures you have to climb to enter each room. These include a hanging bedroom pod (with hanging bed and desk), a kitchen pod, bathroom-shower pod, and a 360-degree “Awarenest” with views to take in the natural surroundings."--- Architectural Digest

Eco beach house in New Zealand

photo credit: elite travel

Solar powered First Light house is an eco home designed by a team of Victoria University architecture students, as a New Zealand entrant in the United States Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. This echo home overlooks the Waimarama Beach on New Zealand’s North Island.

Passive House: East Harlem's Sustainable Affordable High Rise

This Passive house high-rise in East Harlem , NYC provides cleaner air, lower utility costs, and an affordable option for tenants

A Poet's Southern Victorian Remodel

A poet transformed and old dingy undesirable 100 year old Victorian into a gem by upcycling, using his imagination, time, and his energy.

Eco dessert home

"Khalili's SuperAdobes use ancient building techniques to create resilient, affordable dwellings. Constructed out of locally available earth, sandbags and barbed wire, they are designed as a sustainable housing solution for climate refugees. With this in mind, they are created to be resilient: they are fireproof, hurricane-proof, earthquake-resistant and they also use 100% solar energy"

1960s space ship home fit for a space invader: Futuro Houses

Photo credit: blogger's photo ( Outer Banks Futuro House , Frisco NC)

"A Futuro house, or Futuro Pod, is a round, prefabricated house designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, of which fewer than 100 were built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The shape, reminiscent of a flying saucer, and the structure's airplane hatch entrance has made the houses sought after by collectors." - wikipedia

Beer bottle temple made by monks

photocredit: Mark Fischer/ Flickr

"Glittering like a giant emerald in a tranquil pond is Thailand’s most eco-friendly temple. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (Wilderness Temple of the Great Glass Pagoda), also known as the Temple of a Million Bottles, is a testament to a community coming together to reduce pollution. In 1984, Buddhist monks in Sisaket province in northeastern Thailand grew tired of the mounting litter in the countryside and began a “100 Beer Bottles on the Wall” challenge. Headmaster Phra Khru Vivek Dharmajahn led the movement to build a temple decorated with glass containers on a deserted burial ground in the local village. The monks encouraged residents and businesses to donate their used beverage containers. Soon, the challenge attracted more empty bottles, which were reincarnated to build the glass temple in a span of two years." - Architectural Digest

eco forrest home

(Image credit: Cadaval & Sola Morales / Sandra Pereznieto)

"The Casa de la Roca House celebrates each corner of its unique landscape. Hidden in the hills to the west of Mexico City, this rustic home has lookouts that offer rare views of the tropical forest it is surrounded by. Pieces of the forest compose the house – handpicked fallen trees are repurposed as beautiful beams, while the green roof absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, and creates a habitat for wildlife"-

eco Igloo home

"A couple made an eco igloo home made of cob and straw bale packed tightly together to build the walls and plastered over. This is a common eco build technique that has existed for thousands of years and has recently seen a revival in the technique in both North America and Europe."-


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