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artists in focus: AEC and WAONE ( Interesni Kazki)-

" Interesni Kazki is a duo formed by the Ukrainian artists AEC (Aleksei Bordusov) and Waone (Vladimir Manzhos). They developed their collaborative work from the more classic forms of graffiti, having evolved into a distinctive visual universe of a symbolic, complex and dreamlike nature which they have presented around the world – in the form of large-scale mural compositions created in the public space, canvas paintings and other mediums."--- ( quote from: )

Time machine by AEC Interesni Kazki


"Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian artist whose surrealistic works grace walls across the globe. His bright, intriguing murals—inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and times past—are filled with color, and often accompanied by black and white drawings ."

"It was in the late 1990s that he started painting on the streets of Kiev as a part of graffiti crew. However, after several years of experimenting with graffiti, he got bored of it. From 2005-2016 Aec teamed with Waone in creating pieces composed without traditional graffiti lettering. Inspired by murals from other parts of the world, and in particular, Brazil, Aec and Waone formed Interesni Kazki duo that became known for their unique style of contemporary muralism. Merging science fiction, fantasy, and Ukrainian traditional culture, they created their own dreamlike universe inhabited by mysterious subjects. " --- ( from )

Intersting Fairytale by: Waone Interesni Kazki

The art career of Vladimir Manzhos more known as Waone, began in 1999. He was painting graffiti as a member of Ingenious Kids crew in Kyiv. In 2003 he got bored of letters and together with Aec went to the next level of public art - visual storytelling. They have been painting big surreal murals with fantastic stories. They developed their unique style of contemporary muralism with extraordinary ephemeral form of monumental art.

In Early 2016 Vladimir established new direction in his mural painting - black and white murals .

Art for Waone is a way to perfection and a portal to divine worlds. His artistic goal is to make high divine values accessible to every man."--- quote from


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