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Gender Reveal

It's all over the news. The El Dorado wildfire in California was reportedly started by a gender reveal party that went wrong. The smoke generating pyrotechnique device ignited the fire, burned acres of land and evacuated the nearby city. The news put a spotlight on these gender reveal parties that have gotten out of hand. The woman who started it in 2008 was Jenna Karvunidis . She threw a party to announce the baby's sex by cutting into a cake filled with icing. The color of the icing depicted the baby's gender. Since then, it became widely popular. Parents started using pyrotechinques and this is when things start to get ugly. This much damage just to reveal the the sex of an unborn child? The parents don't even know if the gender they revealed will be the gender their offspring will choose.

Gender reveals are popular for a reason. People want to celebrate moments of joy with family and friends especially during Covid -19 Pandemic. This is a fun way to connect and share the joy with people you love. Most parents keep it simple. Some choose cake, balloons or books . It generates tons of laughter. All children are blessings no matter what gender they are born with or what gender they will choose to identify with when they are older. It is not about the parties, the baby showers, the gender reveals and birthday parties that truly matter. We all know that but we celebrate anyways because we are social beings who love to connect and make happy memories... but please don't use pyrotechniques .

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