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Dare to be Wild ( Movie)

beautiful wild plants in the forrest Catskills,NY

" Nature has spread for us a delightful banquet- shall we turn from it? We are still in Eden; the wall that shuts us out of the garden is our ignorance and folly"

--- Thomas Cole ( 1801-1848) American Landscape painter

Dare to be Wild movie trailer

Azores, Portugal

Dare to be wild is a romantic adventure movie based on the true story of Mary Reynolds and Christy Collard . I wrote this poem to celebrate this inspiring movie.

Deserts can still bloom

In the hands of the few

You may not be able to convince a legion

To fulfill a mission

But a heart that is true

will never falter

Mary Reynolds is a landscape designer

who finds peace and joy

among wild ferns and flowers

for it is where truth and beauty lies

Betrayed by Dublin's celebrities,

She succeeded despite the many challenges

Because in the end,

when you want something that is true

the universe will conspire to someday help you

She did not spend time in nature

because she was a recluse

nor did she join the Chelsea flower show

and share her love for nature

just to boost her ego

When one has seen real beauty

You think her motive is vanity?

When she saw trees grow in the desert

Is that insanity?

She did not have a traumatic past to run away from

other than the unkindness of some

Thank God she has kind friends

and Christy Collard as a partner

who is good and genuine

She dared to have lofty dreams

and she was tenacious

To dare, to dream is not just about risks and bravery

To walk in nature is never a lonely journey.

You can call it illusion of grandeur

I say it is a love story

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