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I remember my childhood .

I grow up with pet fishes

They were angel fishes

silver, black, black and white stripes

or marbled

I had plenty of gold fishes.

Their orange glow brighten the aquarium

My fishes were little

No more than the size of my tiny fingers

In the eyes of a child

I thought my aquarium was big

Then in my youth,

I visited Hong Kong's Ocean Park

In the eyes of a teen

I was in awe and I thought that was big

Then , I live in America

The aquariums are

so great, so amazing

I thought they were big

Then, I went in the Ocean

I realized

I have seen nothing yet.

Here are some of the fascinating aquariums worth to visit:

New York Aquarium

Photo credit:

"In Brooklyn, the New York aquarium has a 4D theater, feedings visitors can attend, and of course, numerous wildlife exhibits. Attend a sea lion show at the aquarium's al fresco Aquatheater, or visit Conservation Hall to see brightly colored fish swimming through the coral reefs. You can also encounter 18 different types of sharks and rays, from zebra sharks to sandbar sharks, in the Ocean Wonders exhibit." (

Monterey Bay Aquarium

" In the idyllic seaside city of Monterey, right on historic Cannery Row, lies Monterey Bay Aquarium. Largely regarded as one of the best aquariums in the U.S., Monterey Bay Aquarium is celebrated for its living kelp forest, home to wildlife like wolf eels and leopard sharks. This aquarium also houses a giant Pacific octopus, sea otters, penguins, and deep sea and coral reef exhibits that allow visitors to not only experience these unique habitats, but also help conserve them, as the aquarium is a leader in ocean conservation and education." ( source:

Georgia Aquarium

photo credit:

"At the massive Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, visitors can get up close and personal with sea life ranging from rays and dolphins to sea lions and penguins. With one of the aquarium's animal encounter experiences such as a shark cage dive or a behind-the-scenes dolphin training session, guests can get face-to-face with some of these fascinating creatures. The program focuses on conservation education and fostering positive connections between humans and animals.

A favorite of recent aquarium visitors is the Ocean Voyager exhibit with its 100-foot-long underwater walk-through tunnel and more than 50 species." ( source: )

National Aquarium

photo credit of Peacock Mantis Shrimp

"The National Aquarium is a non-profit public aquarium located at 501 East Pratt Street on Pier 3 in the Inner Harbor area of downtown Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. Constructed during a period of urban renewal in Baltimore, the aquarium opened on August 8, 1981. The National Aquarium's mission is to inspire conservation of the world's aquatic treasures. The aquarium's stated vision is to confront pressing issues facing global aquatic habitats through pioneering science, conservation, and educational programming.: ( source: Wikipedia)

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is an indoor public aquarium in Chicago. Opened on May 30, 1930. It is the first inland aquarium with a permanent saltwater fish collection. The aquarium is located along Lake Michigan in the city's Museum Campus, which also includes other highly-ranked institutions such as Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum of Natural History. ( source: Wikipedia)

New England Aquarium

photo credit:

"The New England Aquarium is a nonprofit organization located in Boston, Massachusetts. The species exhibited include harbor and northern fur seals, California sea lions, African and southern rockhopper penguins, giant Pacific octopuses, weedy seadragons, and thousands of saltwater and freshwater fishes. In addition to the main aquarium building, attractions at Central Wharf include the Simons Theatre and the New England Aquarium Whale Watch". ( Wikipedia)

Alaska Sealife Center

photo credit of Spotted Seal:

At the Alaska SeaLife Center, you'll find seals and sea lions, salmon and rockfish, and invertebrates like king crab and sea urchins. Kids with scientific minds will love the Discovery Zone, and if your family can't make it to the Alaska SeaLife Center this year, you can consider adopting an animal at the aquarium instead." ( Traveland

Tennessee Aquarium

photo credit of Tangerine Darter:

Tennessee Aquarium a non-profit public aquarium located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. The Aquarium's exhibits are housed in two structures, the original River Journey building and the neighboring Ocean Journey expansion.

The River Journey building is organized around the theme of the Story of the River, following the path of a raindrop from high in the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Major exhibits in Ocean Journey include: Secret reef, Boneless beauties and jellies and Penguins rock.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

photo credit of Jelly fish:

The Oregon Coast Aquarium was home to Keiko, the orca who starred in the movie Free Willy, from January 7, 1996 until September 9, 1998, when he was shipped to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Texas State Aquarium

"The Texas State Aquarium is a non-profit aquarium located in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States. It aims to promote environmental conservation and rehabilitation of the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico. It is the largest aquarium in Texas. " ( source:wikipedia)

Discover the diversity of aquatic life in this aquarium.

Maui Ocean Center

Young Hawaiian monk seal underwater in Pearl and Hermes Reef in Hawaii. Credit: NOAA Fisheries Hawaiian monk seal research program.

Maui Ocean Center is the largest living tropical reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. Their exhibits include colorful displays of live coral reef habitats, diverse collections of endemic Hawaiian fish species, and up-close viewing of sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and various sea creatures. Their Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi exhibit provides detailed information on the inspiring migration of humpback whales and their migration to Hawaiian waters and ends with a first-of-its-kind 3D immersive experience in their Sphere.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

photo credit of Elephant fish:

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan focuses on marine life native to the Ring of Fire area of the Pacific Ocean.

Oceanografic Valencia

Photo credit of Blackchin guitarfish :

L'Oceanogràfic is an oceanarium situated on the dry Turia River bed to the southeast of the city center of Valencia, Spain, where different marine habitats are represented.

S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa Island

Photo credit of Fried egg sea jelly :

National Aquarium Denmark

photo credit of hammer had shark:

Den Blå Planet, Danmarks Akvarium is a public aquarium in Denmark. The main purpose of the aquarium is to disseminate marine information, help science projects, and help improve educational institutions.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

The aquarium has set the Guinness World Record for having the world’s biggest underwater viewing dome and the world’s largest aquarium tank.

Blue Planet Aquarium

photo credit of Octopus:

Blue Planet Aquarium is a marine and freshwater aquarium located in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England. Its stated aim is to "enlighten, increase knowledge and raise interest in the marine environment using an interactive, entertaining and sustainable approach."( source: Wikipedia)

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It houses thousands of aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species. Over 300 Sharks and Rays live in this tank, including one of the largest collections of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world.

Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium has Four marine habitats that create the illusion of a single aquarium and a sole ocean. This exhibition features terrestrial and marine ecosystems, as well as the temperate, tropical and cold waters of the Earth’s oceans.

Veracruz Aquarium

It is a public aquarium located in the city of Veracruz. It is the biggest aquarium in Mexico and Latin America by area. " (source wikipedia)

"The Veracruz Aquarium is not only a tourist attraction, since it plays an important role in the management, care, and feeding of aquatic ecosystems. Twenty five Mexican specialists (oceanographers, biologists, engineers and aquaculturists), who work on important research fields such as sea turtle migration routes and protection, participate in this conservation conservation project. It works as a temporary shelter for those animals, where they are fed, cured from diseases, restored to health; once in optimal condition, they are tagged and released in their natural environment. Another line of study is the conservation of coral reefs, shark and manatee reproduction."

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Sydney Sea life Aquarium is a research center that has more than 700 animal species and is centrally located in Darling Harbour.

It’s also one of the very few places in the world where you can see a dugong, a rare mammal related to manatees with a forked, dolphin-like tail.

Two Oceans Aquarium

photo credit for Kelp forrest:

"The southern tip of the African continent is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. The Two Oceans Aquarium on the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, is ideally positioned to showcase the incredible diversity of marine life found off the southern tip of Africa."

Photo credit: blogger's persona photo


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