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Waking up early before the day breaks

To the sounds of silence

Before the sun rises

She tied the shoe laces of her boots,

Grabbed her backpack

She stepped out into the door into the dark

Guided only by a headlight

There was no sound

Other than the howling of the wind

There was hesitation

But there was this sensation

That one was enveloped in comfort

Like in a cocoon

Fear turned into just a thought

No longer a sensation

She took a step

Fear is a natural self defense

to protect us from harm and danger

How beautiful the brain is

to give us all the sensation we need

eyes that see the signs

ears that hear the heart beat

skin that feels the gentle kisses,

warm cup of coffee in the hand

and cool wind blowing on the faces

tongue that make us taste all kinds flavors

nose that smell

the scents of Lilacs blooming in May

These sensations are our defenses


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