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In an a New York Diner

One can order breakfast for Dinner

Eggs served in various ways

Sunny side up

In a skillet

Poached or scrambled,

Soft or hard boiled

Paired with potatoes or bread

Anyone young and old in T-shirts

Long or short

Hair braided or loose

Can enter a New York Diner

and be served breakfast for Dinner

What is your favorite diners in your area?

Old John's Diner

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"A little gem of a diner was born in 1951 at 66th and Broadway. John’s is a special neighborhood diner where comfort food is served with a smile and they treat you like family."

Golden Diner

" It's Asian Diner located underneath the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown NY. They specialize in serving classic NY diner dishes that have been influenced by the neighborhood."-- quote from:

Waverly restaurant

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"Waverly Diner has long been known for its American comfort food. Today, it remains true to tradition while offering more dining choices than ever before on its extensive menu, accented with Italian & Greek influences. Keeping in the diner tradition, breakfast is served all day, featuring more than a dozen omelets, farm fresh eggs any style, pancakes, Belgian waffles and French toast."

Junior's restaurant and Bakery

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This is home of the New York Cheesecake

The "restaurant is located on Cheesecake Corner and Harry Rosen Way--aka Flatbush Avenue EXT and DeKalb in Downtown Brooklyn.  Since 1950, the original Junior's features a fun and friendly atmosphere with Brooklyn memorabilia, a full service bar, and extensive menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  " - juniors restaurant and bakery


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"Located on a then- lonesome corner under the Willamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, Diner opened it's doors on New Year's Eve 22 years ago The daily menu committed to local, seasonal, sustainable foods, and built relationships with the farmers in upstate New York and surrounding regions.

From the outside, Diner might have been mistaken for a modest endeavor. But Diner, ope summer, spring, or snowstorm, has become, with the help of all the people, staff as well as guests, who continue to return to it, a room that glows from withing. Over twenty years later, Diner has carried on the traditions of its early days. A place of occasion. A touchstone for a neighborhood."

Cross Town Diner

Photo and quote from:

Cross Town Diner

This Bronx diner is conveniently located 10 minutes away from Yankee Stadium and 15 minutes away from the George Washington Bridge." -

Jackson Hole Diner

69-35 Astoria Blvd, between Hazen and 70th streets, Astoria, Queens

"Arguably the most known diner in Queens due to it proximity to La Guardia Airport, this 1962 Kullman stainless steel prefab diner is best seen at night with its newly replaced neon. Formerly named Airline Diner, Jackson Hole maintains its original sign."- quote from: -

Lexington Candy Shop

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"Founded in 1925, Lexington Candy Shop is New York City’s only reminder of a bygone era when soda fountains and luncheonettes were fixtures in every neighborhood throughout New York. Continuously owned and operated through three generations of family and partners, walking into the restaurant has been compared to walking into a time warp."

Capitol Restaurant

Broadway, at West 207th Street, Inwood, Manhattan

Capitol Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Inwood, starting its life as a coffee shop called Coffee Pot. In 1900, when the Broadway trolley line was installed in Inwood, this coffee shop served its workers; the subway line itself didn’t make it to the neighborhood for five more years. The restaurant has evolved only slightly since then, keeping its late 1960s interior, including scalloped counter seating and mustard colored stools. years ago.-lonesome little corner under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, Diner opened its doors on New Year’s Eve twenty-two years ago.


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