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Aged Port wine

Back in 2008

On a long weekend birthday trip

We walked around Lisbon's streets

We passed by bookstores, restaurants,

coffee, pastry and wine shops

I got myself souvenirs

A coffee table book from Bertrand

Hand painted blue tile trivet

2 silver handmade bangles

Sold on the Street

There was one item I bought there

For 15 years, It was kept in a cabinet

I got as a birthday gift

A 30 year old dessert wine

best paired with pastries and bread

It took 15 years before I opened it

I shared it

Warned friends

It might taste like

over fermented vinegar

over aged

past its prime

To my great surprise,

The 30 year old port

I got 15 years ago was pleasantly sweet

I remember in another trip

the tase took me back in time

to another place where

I also tasted another

dish so divine

The two would pair well

and meant to be taken together

2 memories of taste

I cherish forever


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