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Work and Play

Work while you work

Play while you play

Don't sit around

Day dreaming all day

What satisfaction does one get

When one can't contribute anything

to make the world

a better place to live in

Work while you work

Play while you play

When you toil,

you don't go around

complaining and comparing

Don't live to earn likes

But hope that each day you bring light

Say good morning

Even though, you were told you're impolite

Drink a cup of coffee every morning

Eat a hearty breakfast

So, you have energy till evening

You know you are not gallivanting

So why do you care

if they think you are not laboring?

Work while you work

Play while you play

Then at the end of the day, you pray

To live life with purpose and intention is the aim

Do not spend energy agonizing

On how others perceive you to be

A mountain is a mountain

A tree is a tree

It's shadow changes

Where you stand to look at it.

Let them think

what they want to think

When you do you

You are free

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