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Great expectations

I did not bring life into the world to have a mini version of me

That is nothing but pure vanity

My child is not my clone

but a gift given to my family

I was always happy and content with just my husband's company

But we have a lot of love to share

That is the reason we decided to start a family

To raise and nurture a kind, healthy and wise living being

who will grow up strong and independent

That is to us one of life's greatest blessings

I did not download those Super Baby apps

and compare my child to others

or go comparing my life to other mothers

I hear women talk about other women all the time

projecting the frustrations in their lives

striving for conformity and perfection

and things that are mere illusions

I have a girl who will someday be a woman

May she always know

That her Dad and I have the same great expectations

Our own parents have for us

That is to simply be good and be happy

in whatever path life takes us


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